Day: March 10, 2019

twenty six weeks

A precious photograph captured by my love, of my forever swelling belly and the tiny bear I hand stitched for our littlest love a couple of weeks ago.
At twenty-six weeks, with every passing day (and little summersault or kick) I’m reminded that life for us, for me, is on the cusp of changing beyond all measure yet again.

Pregnancy a second time round has been a much more challenging season for us to navigate through, not least because of all the enormous changes that have accompanied it for our little family these past months.

As my thoughts begin to wander ever often to birth and beyond, I’m under no illusions to my physical capabilities this time around…and where my hand work is concerned, I am mindful that my work will inevitably come to a halt, for a good while at least. It’s a situation that I accept wholeheartedly…in all honestly, what choice do I have? But it is a reality which nonetheless fills me with some sadness (and much trepidation) too.

As I’m still yet to fully unravel all my feelings on the subject a topic I intend to return to here at a later date…but for now, bed is calling me…