about February

That was February.

At times overwhelmingly heavy, as difficult family news meant melancholy was often lurking at the edges. We have also found ourselves plunged into winter with bitterly frosty mornings, biting wind and sprinklings of snow. It would have been so easy to loose ourselves in worries of what is to come. Instead, we light the fire and seek to rest in that safe haven of now.

Making is one of the things which anchors me firmly in the present moment. And so many little bears have come to life from the mohair and wool this past month. Each one surprising me more than the last. Each one so unique and yet all capable of raising a smile & the spirits.

Comfort has also come in the form of heartfelt messages, meaningful exhanges & surprise parcels in the post, from women from across Europe and further afield. Friends I have never met, and yet whose kindness and caring have brought me such warmth on these cold days. Not for the first time, I feel so incredibly grateful for the magical way that wool & a shared love of working with it can weave such meaningful connections & lead to friendships in such unexpected places.

As March begins with it’s promise of Spring not far off, I will continue gently & quietly working on some dear little woolly things for my shop. All being well, I hope to open it’s doors around the 21st March.

Thank you so much for being here. What has brought you comfort during February?

One of the many meaningful connections I have treasured this month has been with my dear friend & incredibly talented maker Adriana. This first monthly round up was actually inspired in part by one she does on her beautiful blog. A little window into a quiet life in Portugal, her blog Mundo Flo is one of my long term favourites. I love to sit down with a mug of something warm and soak up her simple but wonderfully poetic reflections on life, mothering, making and all that is between. You can read more about Adriana here, see her most recent blog post here, and find more of her beautiful work here and here.


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  1. Oh dear, here I was relaxing in the couch (with a heavy cat on my legs), knitting and reading my favorite blogs, and enjoying so much your post and your beautiful bears, and then I just read what you wrote about me! Believe me it was one of the happiest moments of this week, thank you dear Fran, for your warming and nice words, and all the friendship! It makes internet so much worth! <3

    • I am so glad my words made you feel so cozy – and I am so glad you are still writing away at your blog! It is just wonderful to have these conversations with you across the kilometres! (Even if sometimes I take forever to reply!) <3

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