about March

March was a month of rich contrasts – in equal measures both exhilarating & disappointing, both refreshing & and at times exhausting. Nearly three years down this path of motherhood, I still find myself struggling to find the balance between my role as a mother and my desire (need?) to pursue some sort of creative work. As each month opens, I hope this one will be different. That somehow I might find a more happy medium, only to wind up at the close of the month feeling the same result, overstretched and overwhelmed.

I had been intending to open the doors of my little shop this past month, only to find a variety of life events conspiring against me. After a good cry (or two), I’ve accepted the need to put this date back a little. The disappointment was crushing at first. But when that first sting had lessened, I was able to reflect on how far I’ve already come so far. And celebrate the achievements that I’ve already made.

I may not have managed to open the shop nor accomplish every task on the list. But just like that second load of laundry still sat beside the washing machine, it will wait for tomorrow. Deep down I know there is no rush, and that any progress however seemingly insignificant is progress nonetheless. Above all else, I am so grateful for the opportunity to wake up each morning and give it a good old go – washing the laundry, making yarn & bears and all that is in between.

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