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And just like that, I’ve finished the doll for my son. We’ve named him Silas…I’m so excited now for his birthday to come at the end of the month so they can meet one another! I don’t think I’ll have the chance to make anything else for him as part of the make-along this year, but I’m so proud to have even managed to complete this project with all that is going on.

making a first Waldorf doll

“Mama! Mama!”, my little one comes bursting in the front door calling my name. Before I’ve even had a chance to greet him properly, he blurts out his request: “Can you make me a dolly just like the one’s at playschool? And can you make him look like me, with yellow hair and browny green eyes?”
And so, I’m beginning the exciting adventure of making a very first Waldorf doll for my son, hopefully just in time for his fourth birthday at the end of June.
So far, so good. I now just need to pluck up the courage to embroider the eyes and mouth and attach the hair. And then there will be the close to make too. Wish me luck!

Magic 3 MAL 2019

May just wouldn’t feel like May without the magical make-a-long organised by my dear friend in Berlin, Mimi @liebwedd
Now in it’s third year, the Magic 3 MAL is an opportunity for us to join together and make a set of three items for the dearly loved littles ones in our lives: something to wear on top, something to wear on the bottom…and a plaything to love & cuddle. 

I honestly didn’t expect to join in this year. What with all that has happened recently…and all that is waiting for me just around the corner. But at my latest appointment with my perinatal psychologist, she suggested I think about working on a small and simple project for the baby. “Something to keep my hands busy”, when I’m feeling up to it. It was the gentle nudge I needed…and I’ve been patiently waiting for a making wish to come and settle in my heart ever since.

A few days ago it came, in the form of my little boy rushing up to me in as I lay resting in bed, gushing with a request: “Mama, please would you make me a dolly like the ones we have at playschool? I want him to look like me, with yellow hair and blue eyes.”

I’ve been wanting to make a Waldorf style doll for my son ever since I joined in with the very first Magic 3 MAL two years ago. But despite the strong urge, I’ve just never managed it before now. I had always assumed it was a lack of courage holding me back. But now I realise, I was actually unconsciously waiting for my little one to dream his own doll wish…and to share it with me.

I’ll be taking my time, savouring each moment as I slowly stitch this doll for my boy into being. I’m so glad to be joining alongside dear friends & fellow makers this year…there’s something incredibly magical about making in the community of others. 

You can find out more about as we make-a-long here in the Yarn Chix Podcast Raverly group, as well as see finished objects here. There are of course also posts shared by Mimi at @liebwedd & @yarnchix_podcast) and on her fabulous Yarnchix Podcast.