June days

Our weeks have been sunny and filled with busy days. A mix of co-parenting and running my fledgling business at the same time. It makes for long evenings and early starts, but for the time being we seem to be in a good rhythm and we are thriving as much as the tall grass in our garden.

Slowly I am working on a new collection for the summer. It will be small, a reflection of some of the different projects on the horizon for the coming months. But I like to think of it as less is more. I can’t wait to share more on that (and the projects) soon.

Warmly, Fran

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  1. Dear Fran, lovely podcast with an emphasis on slow. I used to be a hare, fast and furious and in 2003 was diagnosed with ME too. Do you know the spoon theory? You have 12 spoons of energy per day, but if you use 10 in the morning there are only 2 left for the afternoon. I have about 10 hours waking per day. The rest I am asleep or engaged in quiet contemplation. Slow life is good.🐑

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