pants n°1

A pair of home sewn forest green linen trousers on a wooden hanger. Pattern used is Pants N°1 by Sonya Philip
Buoyed on by my success with making a pair of simple trousers for my little girl, I felt brave enough to finish a pair of linen trousers for me that had been languishing at the bottom of my work basket since May. 

The pattern is Pants N°1 by Sonya Philip, the first pair of trousers in her 100 acts of sewing project. Although the pattern is simple, I didn’t find the instructions necessarily user friendly and I was glad to have had a teeny bit of prior experience thanks to making simple trousers for small people. 
Overall, I’m delighted with how they turned out. They were relatively quick & easy to make and the finished fit is very comfortable. I used a heavy weight linen in a forest green for this first pair and I can now see myself making more in the future, from other linens or possibly even a light needlecord for the winter months. I’d also love to experiment with altering the pattern a little, making a longer pair for winter and also adjusting them to be even more voluminous as billowing trousers are a favourite for me. 
Pattern: Pants N° 1 (100 acts of sewing) by Sonya Philip (I purchased my pattern from Retrosaria, in Portugal.)
Size made: Large
Fabric: 100% heavy weight linen in forest green
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