Pilo Cardigan

There was something rather strange to be a knitter on a psychiatric ward. On my arrival, my needles and notions were taken away from me to be “looked after” by the nurses. Whenever I wanted to knit, I had to ask permission and keep my door open.
At first I felt utterly bereft. It was so disconcerting to not have my needles nearby. Then after a few days, I discovered a wonderful routine. After lunch and the necessary afternoon sleep, I would ask for my needles and sit on my bed knitting until dinner time. Then I would hand them back over to the nurse when I went to get my evening medication.
To have these limited, concentrated bursts was an interesting experience. It forced me to focus solely on the knitting and I found for the first time in a long time a quiet, meditative side to my handwork. Seeing the project grow in my lap was also a very uplifting experience, and by the time I was well enough to leave the Mother & Baby unit, this very first cardigan for my little girl was finished.
Needles: Size 3.75
Yarn: Tern by Quince & Co in Rose Quartz, purchased from Laine et Tricot
My project can be found here
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