the gift of toymaking

A brown rectangular basket on a wooden background, filled with toffee coloured mohair pieces, a reel of quilting cotton and two sewn and stuffed legs. Just visible are the white plastic safety joints poking out of the mohair. The pieces will become a OOAK artist mohair bear.

There is some magic in handmade. And that magic seems to only increase when it comes to making a plaything for a beloved little person. Perhaps it is the thought behind it, or the hours of love stitched into every seam, but it is quite simply magic. The magic works both ways, to both the recipient and the giver, as making a handmade gift always feels seems to be a gift for me too.

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  1. Nadège Fileusedames

    I totally agree with you, I love making gufts for my boys, during the process I can feel all the love I have for them and the love they give me every day. It’s also such a good way to concentrate on the people we’re making the gift for, give us our total attention (even if they don’t know about it during the process!). I’ve been really inspired by your bears and I’m going to sew a little one for Sohan this christmas using felt, it will be quite simpler than yours, but made with all my heart

    • Yes, that’s what I think I love the most about making for others, it becomes a sort of meditation on the person which we can give them once finished. I’m so excited to watch your bear come to life and thrilled my own have inspired you!

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