a journal of one’s own


I’ve been keeping an online journal on and off in one form or another since late 2008. And yet writing the very first post on a new blog still seems strangely daunting.

It feels akin to christening the first page of a beautiful new notebook. I’m a bit nervous I’ll choose the wrong words to mark the occasion. As if my offering ought to be momentous just like the occasion.

In reality, I am simply opening the pages of a new home for the words that come tumbling from my head and the pictures that accompany them. To be shared openly with the world in the hope that they will perhaps find a home with someone reading them. It is quite simply a place in which to share. A journal of one’s own.

Welcome here.

I shall be opening the doors of my online webshop once again in early summer. In the meantime, if you’d like to keep up to date with all the news and goings on at Woollen Hearted, you can sign up to my regular mailing list using this form.

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