A white woman in a dark brown linen dress with beige polka dots is leaning towards the camera. She has a warm smile and is holding a light brown mohair artist teddy bear up to her face.

Mohair teddy bear making tips and tutorials

I made my very first teddy bear twenty years ago, in 2002, when I was still just a teenager. I taught myself how to make traditional bears using my mum’s Bernina sewing machine and saving up my precious pocket money to buy materials to fulfil my hobby.

Through my online shop and Etsy shop, my bears have been adopted by collectors, enthusiasts and bear lovers since 2018, making their way to all the corners of the world.

My teenage self secretly dreamt of one day becoming a bear artist, but at the time I had no idea to know how to make that happen. Now here on my blog and also my Youtube channel, I will share with you my secrets, tips and tricks so you can make your very own mohair teddy bear, complete with clothing and accessories.

I make things with my hands because when I do, I feel more calm, hopeful and courageous.

It’s as simple as that.

Life isn’t always simple though. It can be beautiful and brutal, full of dizzying highs and desperate lows. But making things with intentional slowness and care helps me to navigate through these ups and downs. It also helps me to remember more readily who I am beneath it all.

I make things with my hands, but really it is heart work not just simply handwork. My work is a balm for my heart. I hope it will be for yours too.