My name is Fran Rivière and I currently live in the rolling green hills of central Brittany (Western France), having recently moved here from the mountains of the Pyrenees. I share my life with my French husband and our two year old son.

This year, I’ve decided to follow my heart and slowly set about building a small scale business with wool at it’s heart. Here is where I’ll share snippets of that slow journey: my plans, progress, mistakes and discoveries.

Woollen Hearted is the name I’ve settled upon for my little home studio & all that is created within it’s stone walls. It is here in this sunny little room overlooking our veggie garden that I pursue a variety of heritage fibre crafts at an intentionally slow pace, in those snatched quiet moments between homemaking & mothering a growing toddler.

Woollen Hearted is also the name for this little journal, away from the hustle and bustle of those other places we increasingly like to gather. This is a place to catch my breath & gather my thoughts. To talk about my making and to delight in slow & sustainable creativity, with wool that’s been grown, gathered, and crafted in these Breton green hills: hand-spun on spindle & wheel, dyed with plants, knitted on my needles, stuffed into teddy bears. It is also a place to document the gentle path (back) towards sustainable self employment.

I’m so happy you found your way here. Have a cup of tea, grab your knitting & stay a while, won’t you?



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