welcome to my new website

Et voilà!

I am SO happy today to write this very first blog post to share my new website with the world! This domain has been mine for over four years, but it’s felt like owning an empty house that’s been gathering dust since it was first created back in 2018.

I’ve been aching to make this place into a home for all that time, but life just got in the way. And a little bit like my newsletter, this space has been sadly neglected these past few years.

But as I slowly prepare to be self employed once again I am so excited to finally get this website up and running again! It feels like a really positive step forward, taking me just that little bit closer to my long held dream to run my own creative business. And it also feels like such an achievement as it’s been quite the headache to get all the technical side sorted out! But today I’ve finally managed it and even though the hour is late (yes, it is gone midnight!) I am SO excited to welcome you here!

It will no doubt need some fine tuning as I slowly fill it’s pages up again. But I’m not someone who likes to wait for things to be perfect before I share them with the world. I’d never be ready if it were the case! I hope you will find it easy to navigate, fun to explore…and most of all, I hope over the coming weeks and months I will be able to share here some stories from my studio that will inspire and encourage you!

Take a look around. For the moment, there isn’t much to see, but you can begin by finding out a little about me, “like” my Etsy shop and sign up to my newsletter. Oh and the thing I’m most proud of, because this was the biggest headache technically is that I now have a Pinterest profile that’s officially linked to this website. So come and join me there too!

I hope you feel nice and cozy here in my new little corner of the Internet!

Warmly, Fran x

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