studio sale


Now the children are back to school, I’ve been cleaning and tidying up my studio space. Going through drawers and shelves and piles- unearthing items I’ve found and treasured but that I’m no longer attached to keeping. There is some knitting books, yarn, dressmaking fabric…and also some bears. All one of a kind, like the little chap above. All made before I finally settled on my favourite shapes and own style. If you’d like to know more about the bears, including prices and when my studio sale will take place, sign up to my email mailing list here. This will also be the best place to find out when and how I’ll be doing my studio sale (I’ve not decided upon whether to host it here or on Etsy yet). There may also be a couple of old and loved stuffed animals (vintage bears). More to come as I slowly uncover all that’s here. xxx Fran xxx

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